My Summer with Breast Cancer Now and M&S

This summer has been nothing short of a whirlwind and finally I can tell you all about it!


Back in April I visited the Breast Cancer Now offices in London. I was in search of a charity partner for my Mummy One Boob project – the naked diary I have created of my recovery.

A few phone calls later and they asked if I’d like to go to a casting to be involved with one of their partners – M&S. They would be running a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and would I like to be involved? That would be a “Yes please!”

The casting was held in London and I was chosen with six other gorgeous ladies from an original 50+ of us. It was so exciting!

First came the photoshoot. We were all put up in the totally glamourous St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

©Author’s own

I’ve always wanted to stay in a swanky London hotel so that’s that ticked off my bucket list!

I met the other ladies who would also be appearing in the campaign. We were given spa treatments and mani/pedis ready for the shoot and we had a gorgeous evening meal before retiring to get our beauty sleep.

The following day was shoot day. (I may have slipped down to the spa to sample the black swimming pool in the morning!)

We were taken to the studio nearby the hotel. It had a VIP toilet with a heated seat! Need I say more?

As I’m pro-body-positive, I like to highlight the beauty in the real as well as the end result.  So here’s how I arrived…

©Author’s own

Here’s what a good bra and a lovely hair and make-up artist can do… (thank you Linda Johansson and Kara Kyne)

©Author’s own

This is what good lighting, a pink backdrop and wind machines can do! (Thank you Rachell Smith)


These images to me are SO important! There was a time I was so unsure of my body… lost faith in it, didn’t recognise it, said goodbye to bits of it. But look at its bad self!


I would love these images to bring hope to women going through chemo or who are anticipating/recently had breast surgery.


It has been a real pleasure getting to know these six ladies. All of them touched by breast cancer, all of them incredible.

And that was that. Back into normal life as if I hadn’t just had a taste of how the glitterati go about their business.

Cut to: August. We had our holiday booked in France but “Sorry folks, they need me in London!” They flew me back for one day to shoot the short film we were making. I’ll not pretend, the whole thing felt SO glamourous!

Another swanky hotel, another luxury spa. I could get used to this!

Here is the fabulous Lou Box titivating, making me shine.

©Author’s own

Stylist Kara Kyne didn’t leave my side, usually with a robe ready to preserve my modesty. Just a normal day at the office…

©Author’s own

My piece to camera was set in a bed/bathroom. I’d learnt my lines but still it was hard to relax. And a flippin’ fly kept interrupting the sound. Apparently all the other girls had no problem with sound. My takes had sirens, insects, rumbling tummies, aeroplanes interrupting it… but we got it in the end.

©Author’s own

Because my shoot included me getting in the bath and under the water (remember to check your boobies next time you’re in there), I even had the luxury of having my make-up taken off by the lovely Lou before being sped through London and back on a plane!

©Author’s own

And that was it! Did that just happen? Brilliant director Liz Unna went away and worked her magic. I’m so proud of the end result. I know we all are.

Check it out!

The whole thing has been totally brilliant and utterly surreal! I’m not quite sure how I’m meant to just blend back into my normal work-a-day life now but I’m sure  I’ll manage. Thank you to M&S and Breast Cancer Now for an amazing summer and for supporting such a meaningful campaign.

For every pink bra sold in M&S throughout October, 20% will be donated to Breast Cancer Now.

That’s life-saving research for the 1 in 8 of us effected by Breast Cancer. It saved me and I will be eternally grateful.

Quick buy yours here now!

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