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Hello, welcome to Mummy One Boob, a ground-breaking visual documentary of a breast cancer journey, which I am proud to say is regularly quoted as an “inspiration”.

It offers hope and encouragement to others and the opportunity to witness someone morph from one person, into someone else…

A comment on how cancer can leave you feeling strong, beautiful… even sexy!

A love letter to my body, finally gaving myself permission to make peace with it.

Perhaps it’s a strange leap from cancer diagnosis to grabbing my favourite undies and stripping off in front of the camera… I just knew.

I knew I wanted to use my cancer. I wondered what it would teach me.

It taught me a new compassion and connection with my body. A supportive relationship that has blossomed – which is great for me and my body but has also had a startling impact on the rest of my life!

I have a mission to help others make peace with their bodies, too.

If this is something you need in your life, click the link below to view the gallery.

You will be asked for a donation of £2.50, in order to save more lives and protect minors. I hope you understand.

Click here to view the gallery!


6 thoughts on “The Bare-All Gallery”

  1. I have just seen you on loose women, I haven’t looked at your gallery yet I’ve just read the comments so far but just wanted to say how incredibly positive you seem you came across wonderfully on the programme. You brightened up the screen! I’m a mum and just saw something in you that I felt compelled to write and leave a note here for you. I can’t even imagine the horror of a diagnosis and with the added stress of being strong for your kids. Bless you. Wishing you all the best X

    1. Thanks for coming to take a look Rebecca, let me know if you have any problems logging in. And thanks so much for your supportive comments. They mean a lot :0) xx

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